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Staff self-testing for COVID-19

Lateral Flow Self-Testing can help identify whether or not staff need to self-isolate, understand the prevalence of infection and identify “hot spots”, and control and reduce the spread of infection to ensure that staff, patients and colleagues are kept safe. Personal details you provide and your lateral flow test results will be registered with NHS Test and Trace / The Department of Health / Public Health England who are the Data Controllers in relation to this test.

Register to Collect Your Kit

Staff must pre-register before being allocated a lateral flow testing kit. Please register for a test kit here, once you have completed this form your site distribution lead will contact you for the collection of a test kit.

Please note: If you have previously registered via this web page, have been self-testing and now require additional test kits to continue testing please visit the following link: There is no requirement to re-register for additional kits.

Register to Collect your Kit

Record Your Test Results

There is now a dedicated staff testing app/portal available to help you record Lateral Flow Self-Test results quickly and conveniently. The new secure portal remembers your details so you only need to submit date of test, result and test device number when you undertake future tests. When you first log in you are prompted to confirm your personal details, please have your MFT assignment number, if applicable, to hand when logging in for the first time.

Please record your future test results, including any invalid tests on the new app/portal.

Your email address informs you which portal to use, please follow the instructions below.

Staff and Affliliates with an MFT Email Address

If you have an email address you use this and your normal Windows password to log in to the app to record your results. You have two options for recording your results, you can install an app on your phone (preferred) to submit your results or log into a portal from any web browser.

Login with an MFT Email Address Install the app on your device

When you first log in to the app you'll need to confirm that you've reviewed the instructions and training material. You'll then need to review the details in your profile before you can submit your result. You should only need to fill in your personal details once.

Affliliates Without an MFT Email Address

If you are an affiliate that works at MFT but don't have an MFT email address you must register on the portal below with your own email address before you can submit your test results. Once registered you can log in to the portal to submit your results.

Login without an MFT email address Register without an MFT email address


You should test yourself twice a week, every 3 to 4 days, to fit your shift pattern – for example every Monday and Thursday or Wednesday and Sunday. This should be undertaken from home, in the morning or evening prior to attending work.

Instructions for using the LFD are provided at the NHS Learning Hub. A Trust leaflet is also available to guide you through our local processes for this testing process.

You should record your results on the MFT form linked above rather than writing down on the form provided in the leaflet. If you're unable to submit your result for any reason you can write it down and submit later when the app is available.


Remember, store the test kit at room temperature – not in direct sunlight and not in a fridge or freezer. Keep the test kit away from children.

Urgent advice: If you get a positive test:

If you receive a positive test, a further test (PCR swab) will need to be arranged to confirm the accuracy of the result.

You must:

  1. Report your positive result and your absence via your normal absence reporting process. MFT employees must call Absence Manager on 0330 808 0260.
  2. You and your household must self-isolate.
  3. You must book a Covid 19 PCR test appointment using the national service.
  4. Attend a PCR swab appointment — you and your household need to continue to self-isolate until you receive the result of the PCR swab test.
    • If your PCR swab test result is negative, you and your household can stop self-isolating and you can return to work. If you are an MFT employee, you must close your absence by calling the Absence Manager system
    • If your PCR swab test result is positive, you must self-isolate and remain in your home for a period of 10 days from the date of your self-test. All members of your household must self-isolate and remain in your home for a period of 14 days from the date of your self-test.

If your PCR test is positive you DO NOT need to self-test using the LFD for 90 days, from the date you became positive.